Also known as the “gentle art”, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is widely recognized as the most effective form of self defense. By studying the use of leverage, angles, pressure, and timing, students attain the ability to control and submit an opponent without the use of violence.



Capoeira weaves elements of dance, fighting techniques, acrobatics, and music into a rich fabric of movement, percussion, and song. People of all ages are naturally drawn to music and movement, and these two attributes are the essence of Capoeira.
Capoeira reinforces the need for building community while understanding multiculturalism, resolving conflicts without violence, learning a new language, and developing musical abilities. If you are looking for a martial art that offers a holistic approach to benefit you and your children’s lives, Capoeira is your martial art!



Martial arts provide a natural outlet for kids’ energy while encouraging positive social interactions. Our YOUTH PROGRAM fosters social and emotional development in addition to the invaluable knowledge of self defense.



People from every walk of life are drawn to martial arts, at times not fully aware of the many benefits of training. Our ADULT PROGRAM brings out the very best in each student and can help to…

  • Gain peace of mind in knowing you can defend yourself
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Assist in personal growth and achievement
  • Provide a sense of community