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Anthony Santo Domingo
(Head Instructor)

Professor Anthony Santo Domingo, aka “Santo”, is the Owner & Head Instructor at VIA MARTIAL ARTS.

Santo is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Chris Chard. Being the smallest student in the room for the majority of his career, his focus in training has always been on technique and efficiency. Rest assured, his commitment to safe training is paramount.

With over 20 years of Capoeira training, Santo has advanced the art in Ohio with programs in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. After joining Grupo Capoeira Brasil in 2009, he solidified his position as the premier resource for Capoeira instruction in Ohio.

Anthony is also the Owner & Lead Massage Therapist of Solon Sports Massage. He has been licensed since 2005, and worked 11 seasons in Professional Sports with some of the greatest athletes of all time.

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Kyle Dryden

Kyle, also known as “Tubarão”, joined Capoeira Brasil in 2014 and has participated in community events to educate people on the community strengthening elements of capoeira. His mission is to help people build confidence and find the freedom they dream of through capoeira. Tubarão studies the history and philosophy of capoeira music and how it connects people.

In addition to capoeira, Tubarão works as a senior sales service representative for mondelez international and also enjoys bouldering and bowling.

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Duane Kirksey

Duane, also known as “Cappuccino” joined Capoeira Brasil in 2013 and has participated in community events promoting the power of Capoeira to shape and create stronger communities. His personal mission has focused on sustainable physical and mental growth and resilience to continue participating in Capoeira for years to come. He has been an advocate of healthy advances in strength, endurance, and flexibility and provides additional support in warm-ups and conditioning of the team.

In addition to Capoeira, Cappuccino is a staff physician at Cleveland Clinic performing home-based primary care for homebound adults in the greater Cleveland area.

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